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One does not remember with pleasure unpleasant stories, but rather something positive. It is normal that joyful moments or successful events remain longer in our memory than painful times. Hence, it is courageous when somebody writes about the negative aspects of life or history and depicts them visually.

From September 2007 the galerie son organised, subsequent to its event "Slit Eyes" which took place within the scope of the Asia-Pacific Weeks Berlin 2007, together with the Berlin Wall Memorial on an inquiry from Mr. Thomas Klein, the contact person there for the press, an international art event in the Bernauer street with artists from Germany, Russia, China and Korea. Luckily I had a chance to meet the artist professor Johannes Heisig and to ask him whether he would like to co-operate on this project on the theme Wall and Division. From this moment the thoughts "wall separation" and "slit eyes" started to merge. Heisig hesitated at first. However, after a small silence he was ready to devote himself to this subject. Out of his concentrated work and very personal involvement this exhibition has finally arisen, which will be inaugurated today under the programmatic title "once upon a time" in the Berlin House of Representatives, a venue which emphasizes the great political significance of the theme.

Depending on which instruments one utilises in the arts of cooking, in music, literature or politics, different results can be reaped. Depending on which colours an artist applies on the canvas, the most different works can be created. Besides, the thought of the artist plays a decisive role whether he remains in a past era or transcends this to portray the present era.

Johannes Heisig has resolved to fix his and our past on the canvas and at the same time with the help of a complicated painting concept system and thematization to burn these in our memories without form and without cinder. 28 years of wall-division, separation, pain and himself … Grey tones lead up the works. The deliberate blurring of the pictures reflects the uncertainty of the people. The realistic representation of the objects describe a variegated way of life. The logically built system of the works remains anchored, in the end, in reality. Without an own experience of the separation and the courage, to face up to the separation and the Wall in one’s own thoughts, these works could not have originated.

After the exhibition in the Berlin House of Representatives the paintings will start the trip to Korea, to a country in which the separation is still actual. It is my deepest hope that the Koreans, through Heisig’s paintings, can better perceive their own pains which originated from the separation and still persist and the hope of release one day.

18 paintings from past, present and future lead us on the 13th of August, 2008 in the Berlin House of Representatives to a new world, indeed to everlasting life.

Would you care to travel along with us?

son, mihyun

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