1957 Born in Korea
1981 B.F.A., College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University
1984 M.F.A., Graduate School of Seoul National University
1985 M.F.A., Graduate School of California State University, Los angeles
1986-87 Studied at New York University Graduate School, New York
1991 Participated in the 10th Triangle Artists Workshop, Pine Plains, New York
1993 Received the Total Grand Prix, Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
1996 Participated in the 23rd International Sao Paulo Biennial, Sao Paulo
2003 Researched at Universidad de Alcala, Alcala de Henares, Spain
2006 Recognized A Superior Artists, The National Academy of Arts, Seoul
1996- Professor of Seoul National University

1985 Fine Arts Gallery, CSULA, Los Angeles
1986 LA Artcore Gallery, Los Angeles
1988 Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
1991 LA Artcore Gallery, Los Angeles
---- Fine Arts Center, Seoul
---- Gallery Soo, Seoul
---- Seoul Arts Center, Seoul Art Fair, Seoul
1992 Gallery Meegun, Seoul
1993 Gallery Shilla, Daegu
---- Gallery Nine, Seoul
---- Seoul Arts Center, Seoul Art Fair, Seoul
1994 Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
---- Gallery Shilla, Daegu
1996 23rd International Sao Paulo Biennial/ Sao Paulo
---- Gallery Seomi, Seoul
---- Gallery Shilla, Daegu
1999 Gallery Rho, Seoul
2002 Gallery Sejul, Seoul
---- Gallery Shilla, Daegu
2004 Artforum Newgate, Seoul
---- Gasan Gallery, Seoul
2005 Sunghyun Vina, Hochimin City
---- Johyun Gallery, Busan
---- Gallery Shilla, Daegu
---- O's Gallery, Jeonju
2006 Coex, 2006 Korea International Art Fair, Seoul
---- Gaain Gallery, Seoul
2008 Sun Gallery, Seoul
2009 artforum newgate, Seoul
---- galerie son, Berlin
2010 Gallery LEe&Bae, Busan
2011 Gallery Nuovo, Daegu
2015 Gallery Date, Busan
---- blau berlin, galerie son, Berlin

1980 Salon des Independents, National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul
---- 36-3 Art Studio Display II, 36-3 Art Studio, Seoul
1980-82 Seoul 80, Space Gallery, Seoul
1981 32e Salon de Jeune Peinture/Expression, Grand Palais, Paris
1981-82 Ecole de Seoul, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
1981-82, 87-89 Seoul Contemporary Art Festival, Fine Arts Center, Seoul
1982 Commonsense, Sensitivity or Symptom, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
---- 82 Contemporary Painting Group Show, Lotte Gallery, Seoul
---- Todays Printmaker-30 Exhibition, Total Gallery, Seoul
1983 Three Korean Artists on L.A., LA Artcore Gallery, Los Angeles
1984 OPPRESSION-Artists View, Exploratorium, Los Angeles
1985 LA Artcore Invitational Exhibition, Brand Library, Glendale
---- Exhibition of Asian Pacific American Artists, Gallery Scope, Los Angeles
1986 LA Artcore Invitational Group Show, Art Store Gallery, Los Angeles
1987-96, 99 Logos & Pathos, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
1988 B35-88 Invitational Exhibition, Fine Arts Center, Seoul
1988-91 Realite Seoul, Fine Arts Center, Seoul
1989 The Contemporary Korean Art II, Total Art Museum, Jangheung
---- The Contemporary Korean Art-80s, Dongsoong Art Center, Seoul
---- The Exhibition of Miniature Works, Gallery Soo, Seoul
1989-91 Pureun Haneul, Shinsegae Art Gallery, Seoul
1990 Seoul Arts Center Inaugural Exhibition, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
1990-91 Korean Contemporary Painting Exhibition, Hoam Art Museum, Seoul
1991 Painting Exhibition by Four Artists, Gallery Sagak, Seoul
---- Triangle Artists Workshop, Usdan Gallery, Vermont
---- Informel apres Informel, Chosun Ilbo Art Gallery, Seoul
---- Peinture Coreenne Moderne, Gallery Meegun, Seoul and Fondation Vasarely, Aix-en Provence
---- Groping of Contemporary Art II, Gallery Time, Seoul
1992 Korean Contemporary Paintings: Expression-Figuration, Shinsegae Art Gallery, Seoul
and LA Artcore Annex, Los Angeles
---- From Concept to Essence, Kumho Art Gallery, Seoul
---- Cross Section of Contemporary Korean Art, Pyo Gallery, Seoul
---- Korean Contemporary Art- Condition & Diagnosis, Kongpyung Art Center, Seoul
---- Korean Contemporary Painting- The Brush strock and Its Expression, Hoam Art Museum, Seoul
---- 92 Korean Contemporary Art 21, Gallery 21, Seoul
1992, 94 Consciousness Sound Echo, Gallery Four Season, Seoul
1992, 94-96 Ecole de Seoul, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
1993 Seoul 80- TEN YEARS AFTER, Gallery Seohwa, Seoul
---- Works of Peace 111 Artists, Gallery Bhak, Seoul
---- Total Grand Prix Exhibition, Total Art Museum, Jangheung
---- After the Abstract- Four Artists, Gallery 63, Seoul
1994 Monochromes after the Monochromes, Whanki Museum, Seoul
---- The Blue- Another Spirit, Whanki Museum, Seoul
---- Gallery 2000 Inaugural Exhibition, Gallery 2000, Seoul
---- Seoul 80- ABOUT WATER, Gallery Shilla, Taegu
1995 Circulating Currents, Japanese and Korean Contemporary Art in Nagoya, Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, Nagoya
---- 1991-94 Total Grand Prix Exhibition, Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
---- Sungkok Art Museum Inaugural Exhibition, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul
---- Posco Art Gallery Inaugural Exhibition, Posco Art Gallery, Seoul
---- Art Space Seoul Pre-opening Show, Art Space Seoul, Seoul
---- Seoul 80- TEXTUALITY, SPEED,, Gaain Gallery, Seoul
1996 Korean Contemporary Art- Paintings, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul
---- Art Festival 96, Gallery 63, Seoul
---- the Esos, Dongsanbang Gallery, Seoul
---- Seoul National Univ. 50th Anniversary Exhibition, SNU, Seoul
---- Art at Home, Gallery Seomi, Seoul
---- Paintings of the Winter, Jiam Gallery, Seoul
---- For the Vision of the 21st Century, 96 SIAF, Koex Pacific Hall, Seoul
---- Eunha Gallery Inaugural Exhibition, Eunha Gallery, Seoul
---- Beginning of 1997, Gallery S, Seoul
1997 Korean Art 97, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwacheon
---- Touch & Flow, Kukje Gallery
---- NICAF Tokyo97, Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo
---- MANIF Seoul97, Seoul Art Center, Seoul
---- Basel Art Fair, Basel
---- Realite Seoul - 10 Years, Kongpyong Art Center, Seoul
---- Korean Art- ENTARSIS, Dongdeok Art Gallery, Seoul
---- DASIMANNAM, Woongjun Gallery, Seoul
---- 5th Exhibition of Faculties, Dongdeok Art Gallery, Seoul
1998 SPIRITUALSCAPES, Generous Miracles Gallery, New York
---- Brushed:Non-brushed, Sai Gallery, Seoul
---- Version I, C.A.I.S. Gallery, Seoul
---- Works on Paper, RMIT Gallery Storey, Melbourne
---- Body in Painting, Hanlim Museum, Taejeon
---- Exhibition for the 3rd Anniversary of Gallery Kang, Pusan
---- The Repetition, Art Seonjae Center, Seoul
1999 Seoul 80- SWEET LIPS, C.A.I.S. Gallery, Seoul
---- 99 Bundang Art Festival, Samsung Plaza Gallery, Bundang
---- Exhibition of New Collections 92-98, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwacheon
---- Korean Contemporary Artists, Gallery Daea, Seoul
---- Abstract after Abstract- 6 Artists, Gallery Euro, Seoul
---- Exhibition for the Sarubia, C.A.I.S. Gallery, Seoul
---- Five Meter Exhibition, Chongro Gallery, Seoul
---- 14th Asian International Art Exhibition, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka
---- Dasimannam, Woongjeon Gallery, Seoul
---- Nature and Dialog, Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Seoul
---- For the End of Paintings, Gallery Euro, Seoul
1999-04 Art Festival of Bundang, Gallery Samsung Plaza, Bundang
2000 Seoul National University in the New Millennium, Seoul Metro Museum of Art, Seoul
---- Hyundai Art Fair, Hyundai Dep. Store, Seoul
---- A Passage in the New Millennium, National Museum of Contemporary Art
---- No or Bad Signals, Fine Arts Center, Seoul
---- Special Exhibition 'Forest of Human, Forest of Painting', Gwangju Biennial, Gwangju
---- Exhibition of Paintings, Sooga Gallery, Busan
---- Exhibition of 2000, Bogo Gallery, Seoul
---- Small Paintings Festival of 200 Artists, Sun Gallery, Seoul
---- Exchange Exhibition 2000, Seoul National University Museum of Art, Seoul
---- Artists with Passion, Hanwon Art Museum, Seoul/ Fine Arts Center, Seoul
---- 15th Asian International Art Exhibition, Tainan Art & Culture Center, Taiwan
---- Artists from the Group of 80's, Fine Arts Center, Seoul
2001 Artists of the New Millennium, Gallery Chang, Seoul
---- Exchange Exhibition 2001, Bernanos Gallery, Paris
---- Gallery La Mer Inaugural Exhibition, Gallery La Mer, Seoul
---- Gallery Pfo Inaugural Exhibition, Gallery Pfo, Busan
---- Traversing Image, Gallery Fish, Seoul
---- 16th Asian International Art Exhibition, Gwangdong Art Museum, Gwangdong
2002 Wedding Art Fair, Millennium Hall, Seoul
---- Painters Paint, Chun Gallery, Seoul
---- 2002 Contemporary Art Exhibition, Daegu Art & Culture Center, Daegu
---- Abstract and Secret, Hyunndai Art Gallery, Gwangju
---- The Blue, Gallery La Mer, Seoul
---- 17th Asian International Art Exhibition, Daejeon Municipal Museum of Art, Daejeon
---- Gongpyung art Center Anniversary Exhibition, Gongpyung Art Center, Seoul
---- Exhibition of Sketching, Gallery Goo, Seoul
---- Gallery Pfo Anniversary Exhibition, Gallery Pfo, Busan
---- Understanding of Abstract Paintings, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul
2003 Exhibition of Contemporary Paintings, Gallery MKT, Seoul
2004 Korean Contemporary Art 2004, Gallery Sun, Seoul
---- Monochrome Paintings of Korea Past & Present, Seoul Municipal Museum of Art, Seoul
---- 19th Asian International Art Exhibition, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka
---- MAPP 2004 Media Workshop, HJS, Seoul
---- from NORTH, Han Ki Sook Gallery, Daegu
2005 The Seoul Art Exhibition 2005, Seoul Municipal Museum of Art, Seoul
---- Kim Hyun Joo Gallery Inaugural Exhibition, KHJ Gallery, Seoul
---- Echo Beyond Time, Ewha Womans University Museum, Seoul
---- Korean Contemporary Art, Melina Culture Center, Athene
---- 2nd Gongju International Art Festival, Imlip Art Museum, Gongju
2006 Freedom vs Control, New Gate East, Seoul
---- Healing, Wholeness and Empowerment, Severance Hospital, Seoul
---- 21st Asian International Art Exhibition, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
---- New Prospectives on Landscape Painting, Ewha Womans University Museum, Seoul
---- Art at University-60 Years, Museum of Art Seoul National University, Seoul
---- Contemporary Art Now-Here, Gallery Tablo, Seoul
---- Exhibition of Alumni, Seoul National University Museum, Seoul
---- Dialogue-Berlin Paintings, Kommunale Galerie, Berlin
2007 Friends of Cinematheque, Gallery Artside, Seoul
---- Red & Blue-View on the Surface, Insa Artside, Seoul
---- Critical Viewpoint, Insa Artside, Seoul
---- Exhibition of 60th Anniversary CNU, Samsung Culture Center, Chonju
---- China-Korea Paintings, Ninbo Museum, Ninbo
---- Friends, Gallery Mano, Seoul
---- Asia Open Art Fair, Busan Culture Center, Busan
---- The Blue, Johyun Gallery, Seoul
2008 NAAF 2008, West Japan Convention Center, Kitakyushu
---- Pure Harmony, The Space Gallery, Seoul
---- 6th East-North Asia Exhibition, Saga Prefectural Museum of Art, Saga
---- Asia Open Art Fair, Busan Culture Center, Busan
2009 The Beauty of Mountain and River, Sejong Culture Center, Seoul
---- World of Drawing - Drawing of the World, MoA, Seoul
2010 Gallery Face inaugural exhibtion, Seoul
---- Korean Art Show, Gallery Arario / Culture Center, New York
---- Magnetic Islands Project Space RMIT, Melbourne
---- OFF the WALL, Clayarcg Gimhae Museum, Gimhae
---- Artists Now, Busan Art Center, Busan
---- Festival of Korean Art, Kintex, Paju
2011 exhibition with Poem, Gana ARt Center, Seoul/Busan
---- dialogue between Sam FRANCIS and Tschoon Su KIM, galerie so, Berlin
---- Korean Contemporary Sepctrum, Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai, ---- 26th Asian International Art Exhibition, Hangaram Museum/Jeonbuk Museum of Art, Seoul/Jeonju
2012 I'm the artist, Artfourm Newgate, Seoul
---- 50 years of Korean Drawing, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
---- Dansaekhwa, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon
---- Tiwan-Korea Contemporary Paintings, Art Center, Tiwan
---- Dansaekhwa, Jeonbuk Museum of Art, Jeonu
2013 Three Rooms, Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Gimhae
---- Track of Korean Art I, SNU Museum of Art, Seoul
---- OCI Museum, Seoul
---- Daamhwa, ICAS, Singapore
---- blau, galerie son, Berlin
2014 Hommage to Whanki, Whanki Museum, Seoul
---- Blue & D major, Iljoo & Sunhwa Gallery, Seoul
---- Veritas Hall, Seoul
---- Museum San, Wonju
---- Seoul Calligraphy Museum
---- Track of Korean Art I, SNU Museum of Art, Seoul
2015 Unconscious and Trace, Gidang Art Museum, Seogwipo
---- Gyeonn, Gallery Sejul, Seoul

Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul
LA Artcore Center, Los Angeles
Samsung Art Museum, Seoul
Sonjae Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyungju
Hansol Cultural Foundation, Seoul
Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwacheon
Seoul Municipal Museum of Art, Seoul
POSCO Center, Seoul
Eagon Window System LTD., Seoul
Daehan Investment & Securities, Seoul
Hanhwa Building, Seoul
ASEM Tower Building, Seoul
Daejeon Municipal Museum of Art, Daejeon
Ewha Womans University Museum, Seoul
College of Law, Seoul National University, Seoul
Embassy of Korea, Berlin
Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Gimhae
Seoul National University Dental Hospital, Seoul
SNU Bundang Hospital, Bundang
Gidang Art Museum, Seongwipo

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