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galerie son wants to contribute with its work to a cross-cultural art dialogue, especially between Europe and Asia, and aims to show art to the public also outside its location, in unusual places and at special events, believing that art has universal global power.

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galerie son was founded in August 2005 in the Linienstraße in Berlin-Mitte by the art historian and publisher Mihyun SON.

galerie son considers itself a new impulse in the culture of galleries and makes a contribution to the international dialogue of art - especially between Europe and Asia. We represent international artists.

Beside exhibitions in our gallery space, we develop our artists and work intensively htrough projects at special places and special events, such as the exhibition "Light" at the New Kranzler Eck 2006, the event "schlitzaugen / slit-eyes" as part of the Asia Pacific Weeks Berlin 2007, the "Dialogue between Gerhard Richter and Junggeun Oh" in 2007 and the "Dialogue between Antony Gormley and Björn Borgmann" in 2009 in the rooms of the Sammlung Hoffmann Berlin, the exhibition "Art from Korea and Germany" in 2007, 2008 and 2009 and an International Art Project 2007-2009 in cooperation with the Berlin Wall Memorial, where artists from China, Russia, Germany and Korea created large artworks in the former death strip between East and West Berlin at the Bernauer Straße.

In 2008 galerie son went to Wallstraße - the origin and birthplace of the City of Berlin. In that year the galerie son and Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur (KPM) started a project together where artists chosen by the gallery created artworks made of KPM porcelain. These days we are planning international exhibitions for the presentation of the KPM artworks. In August 2008 we organized the exhibition "once upon a time" by Johannes HEISIG as a cooperation with the Berlin Wall Memorial and the Berlin Press Conference in the Berlin House of Representatives. The public reactions were huge. The Cultural Ministry of Buenos Aires intends to present the exhibition in Argentina. After this we showed ELSNER's "self injuries" and "border injuries" - historically important works that had not been seen for 20 years and that also were exhibited in the Museum of the City of Berlin in 2009.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall ELSNER's artworks were seen together with the works of Johannes HEISIG and Junggeun OH in the exhibition "3 berliner" in the German Embassy in London as part of the VIP program of the frieze art fair 2009.

Eduard Habicher and his 'red thread at the harbour' (Der Rote Faden am Hafen) installation road with red sculptures made of steel can still be visited on Berlin's Fischerinsel along the canal of the spree and in Wallhoefe.

In spring 2011 galerie son moved to Mauerstraße, right around the corner from Checkpoint Charlie, and intensed its cooperation in Seoul through bringing the solo show of American expressionist painter Sam FRANCIS there.
After showing the first solo exhibition of one of Korea's most reputed contemporary artists SUH Yongsun in Germany galerie son took part at Berlin's 29th long Night of Museums on August 27th with the Johannes HEISIG project 'crossings' presented at three places in the city simultaneously: galerie son, SEZ and Willy-Brandt-Haus.

Since then galerie son had become a regular official part of this cultural highlight of Berlin (about 30.000 visitors) and opened during the 31st Long Night on August 25th 2012 an exhibition with "Landscapes from Pyongyang" as the starting point of the art project koreakorea artnow which took its next stage when in winter 2013 artists from Mansudae studios came to Berlin an created artworks here which will be presented to the public soon.

In Summer 2013 we brought a Markus LÜPERTZ solo show to Seoul.

In March 2014 galerie son presents the works of the two North Korean Mansudae artists that worked in Berlin residence together with works from three South Korean artists as the first public, visible stage of the project KOREAKOREA.

Since then galerie son strenghtened its profile exhibiting internationally renowned artists such as Marcel BROODTHAERS, Julians SCHNABEL, Gerhard RICHTER and Jean-Michel BASQUIAT in its headquarter in Berlin and in partner spaces in Korea.

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